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Welcome to BRDatabase! The purpose of this site is to bring together varied and disparate sources of data including books, webpages, magazines and personal records and present this data in a homogeneous manner, allowing the user to search for data in context, i.e. not in just a 'dry' statistical manner. However, to achieve this 'grand' aim, I need your help! Data sources, anecdotes, photographs, trainspotting logs etc... will all be welcome. The more accurate the better.

There will be errors, so please bear with me and either report the error by using the helpdesk page or leave me a message using the contact form.

A word of thanks too, for all the kind words, contributions, suggestions, support and donations I have received over the years. I started the site partly for my own pleasure but it has clearly become quite important to a number of enthusiasts & researchers. I have no plans to shut it down at all; quite the contrary, I have much planned for the future!

Finding Data

The easiest way to find data is to type it in the 'Quick Search' box on the left: the box will accept locomotive numbers, locomotive names, shed names/codes, scrapyards, builders, works and even CME's. If you enter '1' in the box, you will get a lot of matches, so if you are looking for locomotive number 1 (e.g. D1 'Scafell Pike', or LMS Fowler 2-6-2T No 1) put a hash (#) after the criteria, e.g. 1#. Furthermore, specifying S1# will only return Steam locos (also works for Diesel and Electrics too).

I have just added (June 2020) a feature to the search where you can specify the company and number (only for steam engines). So, if you have a picture of, say, LNER 5561, enter 'LNER 5561' (without the quotes but with the space) and the search is limited to that particular combination.

A few stats ...
Total Steam Locos 38,624
Total Steam Allocations 106,593
Total Diesel Locos 5,445
Total Diesel Allocations 28,817
Total Electric Locos 445
Total Electric Allocations 341

A few random suggestions...
Class 11 in industrial life - 12122 shor... Class 84 in final condition - Preston A spruced up Crab, 42727 at Llandudno Ju... What started off life as a Swan ended it...


I have received some fantastic support, both financial and data, in recent months. I would particularly like to thank John Bird at for his generous support and encouragement. Also thanks to Paul Davis, Jim Richards, David Ford, Graham Vincent, Wanderlust Images, The Railway Herald, and many others who have helped me in the past. Thank You!


I am actively in the process of updating data to a higher standard. I have used data from my collection of Stephenson Locomotive Society magazines, as well as books, anecdotes and submitted corrections. In an ideal world, I would merge SLS data with the existing data but there are discrepancies galore. Therefore, for the time being, I have included SLS data underneath current data on the individual (steam only) loco pages, along with the caveat that the data is raw and has yet to be cross-checked. Furthermore, some SLS data is not yet in the database (for reasons I won't bore you with) but that will change quite rapidly.

A big thank you to any photographers whose material appears here - permission was sought and received. Links to photographic collections are under each image used.

Running Costs

If you find this site useful, maybe you would be interested in helping with the running costs. Any donations to help me with the upkeep of this site will be gratefully received! I have introduced a tiny amount of advertising but it doesn't cover the costs and I don't want to cover the site with adverts!

A big thank you to those who have made a donation - much appreciated!!!

All the best, Ian

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