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NBR/LNER Reid "N15" Class 0-6-2T

Class Types
NBR Class A

Designer Reid
Introduced 1910
Pre-Grouping North British Railway
Big Four London and North Eastern Railway
Description (1957) Class N15, a development of class N14, comprising 99 locomotives built between 1910 and 1924. The first six of the class, Nos. 69126-69131, were intended for work on the Cowlairs incline and have the larger bunkers as fitted to class N14. All still in service in 1957.
Wheels 0-6-2T
Number Built as N15 99
First in Service 06/1910
Last in Service 29/12/1962
Cowlairs Works 20
North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow 69
Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn Ltd 10
BuilderOrder #DateSize
North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow L394 1910 18
North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow L492 1912 20
North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow L528 1913 9
North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow L653 1916 12
North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow L717 1920 10
Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn Ltd E117 1923 10
Cowlairs Works n/a 1923 20

Copyright: Gerald Robinson
N15/1 N15/2
Variant Introduced 1910 1910
Tractive Effort 23,205lbs
As N15/1
Inside Cylinders 18" x 26" (2 off)
As N15/1
Inside Valves Slide
As N15/1
Inside Motion Stephenson
As N15/1

N15/1 N15/2
Drivers 4' 6"
As N15/1
Truck 3' 9"
As N15/1
Total Wheelbase 22' 6"
As N15/1
Descriptive Wheelbase 7' 6" + 8' 0" + 7' 0" = 22' 6"
As N15/1

N15/1 N15/2
Length (over buffers) 34' 714"
As N15/1
Weight (in running order) 60t 18cwt 62t 1cwt
Adhesive Weight 48t 1cwt 47t 13cwt
Maximum Axle Load 18t 18cwt
As N15/1
Water Capacity 1,586gal
As N15/1
Coal Capacity 3t 10cwt
As N15/1

Boiler & Firebox
N15/1 N15/2
Boiler Diagram 81
As N15/1
Boiler Max Diameter 4' 818"
As N15/1
Boiler Barrel Length 10' 214"
As N15/1
Boiler Pressure 160lbs
As N15/1
Boiler Pitch 7' 4"
As N15/1
Firebox Length 5' 478"
As N15/1
Firebox Grate Area 16.6ft2
As N15/1
Firebox Heating Surface 95ft2
As N15/1
Tube Number 252
As N15/1
Tube Diameter 134"
As N15/1
Tube Area 1214ft2
As N15/1
Total Evaporative Area 1309ft2
As N15/1
Total Heating Area 1309ft2
As N15/1